How to Increase Breast Milk Supply: Chickpeas!

How to Increase Breast Milk Supply with Chickpeas

Eating healthy is important for both you and your baby. Not only is your newborn directly accessing the nutrients from the foods that you eat; but when you are healthier, you are better equipped to provide the best possible care. With a new baby in the house, this may be easier said than done. One nutrient dense food is the answer to the question of how to increase breast milk supply and it is readily available at the grocery store. Chickpeas (or garbanzo beans), whatever you prefer to call them. These little legumes are beneficial to postpartum moms in many ways.

Chickpeas are Full of Nutrients and Galactagogue, a Promoter of Lactation

Chickpeas provide 20% of your daily intake of protein, fiber, folate, iron and phosphorous. They also have other nutrients such as Thiamin, vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc.

Chickpeas are natural galactagogues, a substance that promotes lactation. In addition, sufficient protein is crucial for producing enough breast milk for your baby. Chickpeas have one of the highest protein availability of any legume or plant, improving the quality and quantity of your breast milk. In addition, they also keep you feeling full for longer.

Chickpeas are Easy to Use

Having nutritious, whole foods easily available is a great tool for making your healthy eating effortless. Canned chickpeas are readily available at any store, and are very cheap, too. Dried chickpeas are even cheaper, but this requires some planning by soaking them in water overnight, so it is up to you what you prefer. Chickpeas are also used to make hummus, a delicious spread. Eat hummus with carrots, pita chips, or spread on a sandwich. There are endless ways to enjoy hummus.

Again, ease of access is the most crucial aspect of eating healthy with a newborn baby. Is it hard to find ways to cook chickpeas? Absolutely not. Here are some great ways to add chickpeas to your diet.

Chickpea Recipes

The first recipe is the easiest, so we’ll start with that. If you’re looking for something more involved (or have a helping hand), the second recipe is great for a nice, nutritious dinner that you absolutely deserve!

Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted Chickpeas – a great Snack!

You can munch on crunchy roasted chickpeas (spiced however you like them) by the handful. You can also add them to top salads in place of croutons! We love this article and recipe from the Kitchen.

Backed Chickpeas

Baked Chickpeas with Pita Chips and Yogurt

This recipe is much faster with canned chickpeas, but you also have the opportunity to use dried chickpeas if you prefer. It’s topped with a delicious creamy tahini sauce and a cucumber tomato salad.

Chickpea Cookies

Chickpea Cookies! Yes, and They’re Delicious.

Have a sweet tooth? Don’t worry, there are tons of chickpea cookie recipes available (that’s right, cookies made from chickpeas). One of our favorites is from The Texanerin.

Short on time? Here are a few Chickpea ideas that can be purchased right at the store:

  1. Chickpea pasta: Yes, they even make pasta from chickpeas now! I use a brand called Banza that you can find at Target.
  2. Dried chickpea: Not as cheap, but an even easier alternative to roasting your own. They do provide inspiration on different spice combinations, such as cinnamon sugar or Korean BBQ!
  3. Chickpea Hummus: Finding local brands and odd flavors at your grocery store also makes it more interesting and enjoyable. There are even dessert versions available for an indulgent treat!

Take it from us, how to increase your breast milk supply is as simple as eating more chickpeas while breastfeeding!

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